This season of LOST was epic.  Abrams and the gang put together a storyline that was so captivating and interesting, yet so unbelievable, you had to feel for the characters and kind of wished you were on the island on that fantastic adventure.  After coming off several seasons of an average storyline, for some reason, I was left spellbound by this last year.  Coming into this season, I had mixed feelings.  The show started off with such a cool premise.  Then it lost traction.  And now it is back! 

This year my favorite character was Daniel Faraday.  Although, I am sure you all know what happened to him – OR DO WE?  The way he goes about life in a calm, soft-spoken way, is something that has been lost in our fast-paced world.  His dad being Charles Whidmore is interesting too.  I have a feeling that he will be back.  I hope.

From the original cast, my favorite is James, or is it Sawyer, or is it Jim LaFleur.  Although, life in 1977 Darma-ville has gotten him a little soft, his fire was lit in the final episode. 

My review of the season finale will be kept for all of you who have not yet seen it.  However, some of my wonderings are: Who the hell is Jacob?  Is he an angel?  Is he from some point in the future?  And what about the bizarro-John Locke?  Is he that guy who wished he could have killed Jacob (back when that large statue was intact)? 

So many questions, so much anticipation for the new fall season!!