Back in May 2009 I wrote this post about overhead squats.  Thinking back, I cannot remember writing it.  I do remember the overhead squat at the time though.  And it was hard as fucking hell.    I laugh at this post because I was doing crossfit-esque workouts at my mini downtown gym at the time.  Look at me now.


Examining the post though – it is quite good and interesting.  This was posted in 2009 and I did not officially start crossfitting at a box until 2012.


Some things I noticed:

  • “I have seen this exercise floating around” ???  Dude, it is an all time Olympic lift that has been done for ages.
  • Preparation and Execution section – I don’t think those are my own words.  Maybe wiki or  Correction is needed however à position toes outward with a wide stance.  Not true.  Slightly position toes outward and have feet at shoulder width.
  • “…snatching the bar is really unnecessary.”  This makes me laugh.  Curl it up?  Haahaa.  Who was that guy?


I have seen this exercise floating around some workout sites and forums and some crossfit sites and I didn’t anything of it.  An overhead squat?  Big deal.  I’ll just do a normal squat.


Well, let me tell you, it is unlike a normal squat.



Snatch the barbell overhead with a very wide overhand grip.  Position toes outward with wide stance.  Maintain bar behind head with arms extended.


Descend until knees and hips are fully bent or until thighs are just past parallel to floor. Knees travel in direction of toes. Extend knees and hips until legs are straight. Return and repeat.


I tried it for the first time this afternoon.  I started with a bar and 10lb plates on it.  This is a total of 65lb – which is not very much at all, especially for a squat.


With the weight light, snatching the bar is really unnecessary.  Just curl it up and press it over your head and lock your elbows.  Going down though is a different story. Having the bar above your head forces your back to remain super straight.  You are also using all of your core to support that weight.  This is an excellent exercise for a full body lift, to promote testosterone production and calory burn.


I managed 3 sets of 6 reps.  Wow – try it with low weight at the start.