Just over one year ago I began my journey to becoming healthier and stronger.  CrossFit opened up a new world to me and I am glad I jumped on this train.


I started CrossFit coming from a globo gym attending, competitive sports background.  I was decently strong and (what I thought) fit.  For the first few months, I would go daily and do the wod.  I started learning Oly lifts and really started liking them.  I also loved throwing a large amount of weight overhead and letting it come back down with a loud bang.  Imagine a class of 12 or 15 crashing and banging those weights.  WHAT A RUSH!


Fast forward to March.  The Open.  Ok.  What is the big deal?  On a weekly basis, wods are released and done, recorded and you see compare yourself to others in your region and the world.  That anxiety filled 5 weeks was insane.  And we all loved it.  This next year will be different.


The experience of Regionals was amazing.  TV cameras, high quality athletes, the Richmond Oval, a crowd of like 1,500 people yelling and cheering you on.  The atmosphere was crazy.


Going through a cycle of the open and Regionals has converted me.  Was I adequately prepared for the wods?  I would put this as 50/50.  Do I want to do the same as I did last year?  Fuck no!  It was a new experience for me and I luckily did well in those wods.  Some of the movements were strengths of mine.  Others, are you kidding me?!?  My number one goal is to get stronger.  Will I blame a lot of my weakness to me coming off a separated shoulder?  Maybe to a degree.  Some instances…..


(a)   I am satisfied with my performance in the overhead squats at Regionals – but I must get stronger.  The elite woman athletes are starting OHS 3 rep maxes at 175 pounds!  At the time of this publishing, my 3 rep OHS max is 165 pounds (and I just achieved that a few weeks ago.  Actually, I did it on October 13 – the day I separated my shoulder on the same movement).  So, to total how much time I lost on that injury —- 7 months!

(b)   I am extremely extremely extremely pissed at my butterfly chest to bar performance at Regionals.  I do not need to say more.  I will be working on them daily.

(c)    I am satisfied with how event 7 went.  Rope climbs and 225 pound squats cleans.  I pushed hard and it went as per the plan.  However, did those cleans have to be so damn heavy?  Wow.  Therefore, the plan is for that weight to feel light.  DONE!

(d)   Those damn ‘NO-REPS’ during event 6.  Stupid tape!





My fluffy, non-specific, non-timed based goals last year were to:

1)      not cramp during wods (still a goal today)

2)      not stop during wods

3)      start going unbroken during wods

4)      get better at the Oly techniques

5)      keep adding weights to those lifts

6)      BUTTERFLY!!


I do not just go daily to do the wods.  I am looking to get better … NO!  Not looking.  I will get better, get faster, get stronger.   But having that taste of Regionals and experiencing the atmosphere of competing with the very best in our region, lingers.


Getting back to Regionals in 2014 is definitely doable and is a goal of a lot of athletes that I train with.  With proper, customized programming, a lot of teams can definitely make it.  However, without proper programming, teams will not make it.  A trend I see is a move to having modified classes – a diverging wod because there are different skill levels in a membership or even a separate set of exercises and movements.  This includes periodization and different focuses.  As an example, I visited Rocky Point Crossfit this past week.  The coach there said that they were going to make some changes because of their less than ideal performance.  And just today on their facebook feed, this came out:




What is it? The Rocky Point CrossFit Performance Program aim is to prepare athletes for the 2014 CrossFit Games Open/Regionals (and beyond?)


One of the Questions asked: What kind of programming can I expect?
A. July8th to Nov 3rd
– Testing
– Strength Phase

Nov 4th to Dec 22nd
– Power Conversion Phase
– Incorporation of metabolic conditioning

Dec 30th to March 2nd
– CrossFit Open prep phase.
– Mastery of Games movements.


Performance program.  Love it.  Mastery……yes.  Open prep…..yes.  Regionals prep…..yes.  Games……???