So, you guys know how amazing the action was during the games.  If you missed any of it, check the archived videos.  Pretty amazing stuff.


What I will be doing in this post is a description of the cool stuff I saw and the annoying and not so cool stuff I saw / experienced.



Ok, this was insane this year.  They decided to move the vendor village to the NW end of the soccer stadium.  It now covered up a huge part of the main parking lot.  Many of the days, we showed up around 8am and we were able to get a parking spot in the main lot.  These crossfat fans are insane.  Over ¾ of the lot was filled!!  One morning, we slept in a bit because the individuals weren’t starting until 9am.  We get to the event close to 9… I dropped Shannon off at the gate and I went off to find a spot because the whole lot was filled up.  10 mins of slow ass trundling around and I found a lot.  I think it took 15 mins to walk to StubHub.  I was sweating and ready to relax.  Jesus.



We love our coffee.  We love Starbucks.  So, every morning we got a Starbucks to head to watch.  Sadly, and really, without any explanation, we were not allowed to bring coffees in.  We get to the gate, the security guys told us to throw them out.  We see people walking in with waters, pop and gatorades and we were like – what the fuck?!?  Some guys even tried to walk in with a box of donuts were told to garbage them or eat them on the spot.  One coffee or some donuts?  This will really kill your profits StubHub.  Fuck off!  By the way, coffees inside were $4.50.  More on costs a little later.  We had our bags checked and even though they were full of food – fruits, nuts, chocolate, popcorn, whatever – was fine.  Coffee and donuts.  ::rollseyes::  Fucking dumb.


Vendor Village.

It was so awesome.  It was so hot.  It was so busy.  It was a great place to spend some cash.  Pretty much any vendor you can think of was there.  Food too.  From hamburgers and hotdogs, to paleo meals like bacon, eggs and sweet potatoes.  Any icy beverage too.  The only real issue was that funnel they created to get from vendor village to the soccer stadium.  When an event let out, you had to go through the Reebok tent in order to get into vendor village.  This finnel made the going very slow.  So many people had to go through there.  Was it strategic to put Reebok righ in the middle?  Did it make you buy more?  Maybe.  Reebok did have some cool shit.



MUCH better this years than years gone by.  This year, we bought tickets and those seats were our throughout the entire weekend.  This was so great.  Due to the motherfucking heat, we had no need to rush down to our seats until the even began.  Being in the sun, my delicate flower-like skin was not accustomed to it and even though I had my shirt on most of the weekend (yes, you read that right, ON), I still burned my chest.


The Fittest Fan and Scavenger Hunt Contests.

Are you kidding me?  It was almost too hot to walk around.  You think I am going to do thrusters or a max effort air assault bike?  GTFO!


The People.

I am constantly surprised by the friendliness of people in California in general.  CrossFit promotes betterment of your life and Crossfitters are all friendly and super nice.  But, I mean in Cali – so super friendly.  They let you in line in traffic.  No rush at the grocery store.  Willing to help with directions.  Friendlier than Canadians.



I will never rent a car through Expedia again.  They can pound sand.



Now this is where you can blow through a lot quickly.  Meals are between $15 and $25.  Quite delicious and filling.  Like I said earlier, coffee starts at $4.50 for regular coffee.  Iced coffee and bulletproof coffee is $5.50.  Nothing like collagen and butter to start your day!!  Booze was pricey – $12 a beer.  Ices were tasty and cooled us off.  The great thing about this year is StubHub was giving free ice out, which was handy and nice.

Is everything perfect?  Nope.  It was pretty damn good though!  It’s California!  It’s vacation!!  Spending it with the love of my life could not be better.