If anyone gives a shit, the Queen (and Prince Phillip) was in our beautiful country for some sort of visit.  She brought a rock – for which I’d bet she never even touched with her wrinkly, blue blooded skin (although the rock is historically significant).  She signed a document that will be going into a time capsule to be unveiled after we are all dead (2060).   

The cost to us is over $9,000,000.00!!  Did you even enjoy your stay?  Did you even want to come out here?

Here’s a breakdown of where our hard earned tax dollars go (my comments are italicized).  This is all unofficial and have been lifted from various news papers and websites. 

– Reconnaissance visit: $14,240

– Pre-dry-run visit: $24,718

– Dry-run visit: $74,269

– Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa: over $1,125,000 (not including security, which may top $3,000,000.00 by the time it’s done)

– Ottawa Police: $60,000 (+$150,000 OT)

– Ottawa Fire Service: $7,500

– Surface Operations $26,750

– Traffic Operations $4300

–  It will also cost an extra $5,000 to have paramedics on standby during the visit, but those costs are to be covered by Health Canada, the memo says.

– $1.1 million for a Royal Box a redesigned stage with two extra screens

– Travel and hospitality costs for the actual royal visit: $173,972

– Arrival in Halifax: $120,000, including $50,000 for large screen rentals (large screen rentals for two screens are $50k?  Who’s in charge of this stuff?)

– Luncheon in Halifax for 255 people, increased to include a “pre-luncheon reception” for 60 to 70 people personally invited by Peter MacKay: $150,000

– Dinner in Toronto, decreased to 500 guests from 1,200: $500,000

– Official departure from Canada: $35,000, including the addition of $10,000 for a rented landau (a fancy-ass convertible)

– “Legacy Gift”: $250,000 (hmmmm.  Is this a gift to a charity from us to them, but from the Queen?  She doesn’t have the money for that?)

– Web-site design and videographer: $70,000 (this again?)

– Miscellaneous costs that include calligraphy and business cards: $14,560

– Salaries of the Royal Visit Team: $449,282, plus $108,000 in overtime (Overtime?  What else are you here to do?)

From an article from the Toronto Sun… ” This year’s cost means the budget for next year’s party in the capital will be cut, according to a memo QMI Agency obtained under the Access to Information Act.  “The enhanced funding for Canada Day remains the same over two fiscal years … however, the expenditures incurred in 2009-2010 were increased. As a result, those for 2010-2011 will subsequently be decreased,” the memo said.”  (DO YOU PROMISE??)





Do you want to join the discussion about the relevancy of the Monarchy and why can’t we have a Canadian as our Head of State?  Go here…..  I say GET BENT!


Here is more fodder for my bitterness of this visit  …. From her majesty’s speech in Nova Scotia in June, check out this quote: ” Canadians have, by their own endeavours, built a country and society which is widely-admired across the world. I am fortunate to have been a witness to many of the developments and accomplishments of modern Canada. As Queen of Canada for nearly six decades, my pride in this country remains undimmed. Thank you again for your welcome. It is very good to be home.”

QUEEN OF CANADA??  Your home?  Start paying some taxes!!