I saw a story on the news a few days ago that stated 55% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs.  Maybe this number is a little low.  If people are completely honest with themselves, I truly believe that this number should be slightly higher.  In my opinion, the number is around 67% (maybe even 75%). 

Do you think you were meant to do something else? 

With the Olympics this year, I have often wondered if I could have competed in them.  I know what you all are thinking and I can already see your eyes rolling!  I honestly think I could’ve been a superior speed skater.  If I only was pushed to train – both physically and psychologically – who knows what could’ve happened.

Every one of you has some unique skill or an extraordinary talent. 

Are you a great cook and know the difference between saffron and turmeric and can whip off a sensational meal for two in 30 minutes?  Do you have an outgoing personality – even teetering on the annoying?  Well, think of Rob Rainford or Giada De Laurentiis …. That could be you with your own tv show on the Food Network.  You could even go so far as being like Rachel Ray!

What if you are a closet artist?  I know a few people whose skills are insanely good, yet wasting away in their hands and heads.  Tattoo artist?  Sculptor?  Video game creative designer? 

There are so many people in the world and so many unique ways of looking at things, the possibilities are there.  Is this even feasible?   

I guess there is a pragmatic way to look at this …. Your hobby, which is what you love to do and what you’d die for (not a stretch for some people), is just that — a hobby.  Would something you are meant to do, love to do, would die to do, get boring and will it seem like a job eventually? 

Just some food for thought.  Leave your thoughts.