Earlier this year, a fellow blogger named Steff Turner honoured me by nominated me for a Liebster Award.  Please visit her blog here: http://steffturner.wordpress.com/.


It is nice to know someone actually reads my posts (and thinks that is might be worth reading) besides my close friends….and I don’t even know if they read them.

Thanks to Steff Turner for nominating this blog and me.  I am not super eloquent and do not put out a large quantity of posts – but I feel I put out quality.  Thank you very much.


The “rules” of the award are as follows:




11 Facts about Myself

  1. I am 38 years old and am in the best shape of my life.  I want to live to be 103.
  2. My favorite tv shows all time are: Star Trek:TNG, The Wire, The Shield, Friends.
  3. I am married and do not have children.  I have found my soulmate.  Visit her blog below – Redefine Impossible.  Shannon is so beautiful, wonderful, inspirational, intelligent and amazing.
  4. I love bulldogs.  However, I will not own one again.  Too heartbreaking.
  5. I am educated as a mechanical engineer, but have not done any real engineering in years.  I have thought about further education – yet I am not sure I have the concentration or attention span to stick with the homework needed.  I have a recurring dreams of failing.
  6. I am a Crossfit snob.  And whoever that is not in Crossfit is a ….. well…..  See my post: https://glennstake.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/i-am-a-crossfit-snob/
  7. I have a goal to make it as a Masters competitor in the Crossfit Games.
  8. Movies shot in the first person make me sick.  Couple that to the D-box seats and you will have me barfing.
  9. My last meal would be either sweet potato meatloaf (see recipe below) or a tomato and onion sandwich, with vinegar and mayo (toasted).  I don’t eat bread, so I have a dilemma.
  10. I love mountain biking.
  11. I have kicked a legit 45 yard field goal with a regulation sized football.


11 Questions that Steff asked me and my answers:


On a scale of 1-10 how important is eating in your life? (1: a nuisance – 10: makes life worth living).

10.  The old phrase is used a lot – garbage in; garbage out.  I hate pain.  Therefore, why intentionally hurt myself?  With a few exceptions here and there, quality food is what I make an effort to eat.


Do you like to cook or bake?

Yes.  Although I am not very creative.  I am working on it.


Do you have a signature recipe to share?

Nothing original – but stolen.  Love this recipe.  http://paleomg.com/paleo-savory-sweet-potato-meatloaf/


On a scale of 1-10 how important is music in your life? (1: noise – 10: makes life worth living)

8.  I like some obscure bands and some hard core stuff.  Chevelle, Finger Eleven, Live, Disturbed, System of a Down, Tragically Hip, Nickelback, Metric.


As a parent would you rather have a child that is book smart or street smart?

Luckily, I don’t have to answer this.  However, I do have a nephew…..Very tough question.  Book smart.  …..


If you could change one part of your body, what would it be?

My nose.  It is a tad big.  Shrink them nostrils please.


What is your dream job?

Test driver for an F1 team.  Preferably Ferrari.


Does getting older bother you?

No.  I keep training and staying in shape and I will be kicking those young punk’s asses for years to come.


Would you like to live to be 100 years old?

Yes I do.  I am interested to see the future.  I also want to see the world.  For that I need time.


What topic to you read about most on-line?

Crossfit and Olympic lifting.


Are you happy?

Very.  I just got married 3 months ago to an amazing woman.  We compliment each other very well.  Life is excellent right now.


11 blogs that I follow (with fewer than 200 followers)

























11 Questions that I have asked my nominees:


Do you have ambitions for your blog? If so, what are they?

What are your top 3 movies of all time?

Do you read novels?   What genre?

If you could go back in time, would you change anything?

Have you ever smoked?  If so, why did you start?  If you’ve quit, why?

iPhone or Samsung?

Dogs or cats?

What’s your Fran time?

What motivates you at work?

What do you do when not at your day job?

If you saw a dog in a hot parked car – what would you do?