Earlier this week, I had another heated, yet circular, discussion with my parents about the medical system.

“So mom, if it is broken, what would you do to fix it?”

“And is there a way to pay for it if there is no money, or how can the present allocation be managed better?”

I am a person that dislikes … nay, hates … complainers. If you dislike something, or complain about something now being how you think it should be, come up with some solutions.

Most everyone has been to an ER over the last few years. It can be super frustrating. You go in – you check in to the registration desk – then you go to another reg desk for further details (health card, history, whatever) – then, depending if they ‘think’ you are a serious case, you go to the triage nurse. This nurse then determines whether you should wait or get put in to a room right away because you are bleeding or having trouble breathing (or some other stuff – I am not a triage nurse).

This process is inefficient and does it really help the people that need help? Ambulances come in and get preferential treatment – they should. Do I go to an ER because it is fun? I go because I need medical assistance.

This is my recommendation:

Set up an ER like a bank with tellers, or like at the movie theatre. These tellers are triage nurses with actual decision making ability. You come in, with a short lineup, and when a ‘teller’ opens up, you go to them. There would be 10 to 20 per ER. They make the determination of prescribing (or giving out) medication, whether the patient can just go to their doctor, whether the patient
a. Scenario 1: Patient presents with a migraine. Triage Nurse (TN) prescribes (or actually gives some) pain meds. NEXT!
b. Scenario 2: Patient presents with a broken ankle. Patient gets taken to the x-ray department, then to surgery / bone setting area / cast building area / wherever. They are out of the ER waiting room. NEXT!
c. Scenario 3: Patient presents with possible heart attack. Similar to scenario 2, they get taken to surgery or to a specialist.
Options for this would be having ER doctors at the teller position. This may cause labour disruptions and issues with the Nursing Union as well as with the AMA (I am guessing here though).

I see this as being a good idea. Will it cost any more money than presently? I do not know. Even if it does cost more; if it makes people happier, less stressed and healthy quicker, how can it be bad?

I welcome all feedback.