I’d like to think I have a head full of useless information just waiting to burst out to help anyone in the world. Or, perhaps it will make you think about things differently.  I am focused on self improvement, being the very best, staying painfree and being positive.  I hate negativity and people who complain and see the empty half of the glass. 

I have information ranging from workout advice, home improvement tips, driving tips, car maintenance, style advice and other important yet seemingly useless information.

I also go off on rants – whether it be about the immediate world we live in or ways that the Oilers could improve or whatever.  The rant is not a complaint, but more of a vehicle of improvement for the topic at hand. 

I will try and arrange the items in Themes, but some of this info may be sporadic and will just shoot out at various times. 


Please comment on the topics – whether good or bad – and please comment on the blog site itself.  If something is funny, or isn’t pleasing, please let me know.