417rGDYvtzLI’ve finished reading the bio about Jony Ive – the lead designer and uber design genius at Apple.  Never heard of Jony Ive?  You been under a rock?  Have you heard of Steve Jobs?  Of course you have.  Ive was the #2 at Apple behind Jobs for the longest time.  And head of design for all of Apple’s products for the past 15 ish years.  You think it was Jobs’ sole responsibilty for the miracuous iPod, iPhone and iPad?  Nope.

I really love Apple products.  I was not a big believer of them just based on how expensive they seemed to be compared to other products.  The amount of detail, design work, brainstorming, models built, iterations, decisions, rework put towards developing Apple products is so under-appreciated it’s a joke.

Just look at your iPhone – you don’t have one?  Grab your friends.  Now touch it.  Really touch it.  Feel it.  Study it.  Look at the lines.  Look at the edges.  Look at the attention to detail of the sound buttons…. such amazing precision.  Look at how awesome it is.  And that’s just the outside.  For a few hundred bucks, look at what you actually get!  Your whole life in the palm of your hand.  The whole world actually.  Are you fucking kidding me?  It’s all jammed into a tiny box.

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Get this.  The iPhone was almost an iPod with a cellphone inside it.  Imagine that wheel on the front dialing numbers.  Fuck that!  That design was actually considered.  Thank you Jony.


The history of Ive – his design philosophies – meshed beautifully with Jobs’ philosophies too.  With Jony around for a while, Apple will continue to produce genius shit.

This is a great read for any Apple fan.

Read the Jobs’ bio by Isaacson as well.  Both are 10/10.