So, I have been dealing with these issues for such a long time – I have searched, but there just doesn’t seem to be answers (perhaps that is my problem – help with the search button!  😉    ). 

1) Let’s say I am working on a Word document.  I need to go on the internet.  I push the internet explorer button.  I then click back on my Word document thinking that IE will open up in the background.  BUT WAIT!  It comes on top of my work disrupting my thoughts.  Why does it do this and what setting can I use so it stays in the background?  I clearly opened the program, yet flipped back over to word. 

2) Copying or moving files.  I have always had this question.  I cut, copy or move a file from one area on the hard drive to another.  That small popup comes up and it shows the files moving from one folder to another and it shows the time.  Why does the computer not know the time to do this?  1 min…….55 seconds….50 seconds….45…..1 minute….2 minutes…..  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!??   Do you not know how large the file is?

Any help would be appreciated….