I take back all I said about Lance Armstrong…..well, most of what I said and thought. I was a massive supporter of his. I am not any longer.

Actually, I had him classified as a hero of mine. From the outside, without the proper knowledge, without positive test results, without knowing the background, he is amazing. Imagine winning all those races, surviving cancer, then winning the Tour seven times. With all the speculation of doping and performance-enhancing drug use, I just figured he was just one of those extremely driven, special individuals who could push just that much harder, recover that much faster, be on top of his game every morning.

When the latest info came out about Lance stopping to fight the charges from USADA, I wondered why he would quit. He is not a quitter. Right?? I immediately thought that Livestrong would suffer. Did he lie? Did he cheat? The latest book by Tyler Hamilton ‘The Secret Race’ made me rethink my hero-worship. I believe that he did lie and cheat. That is the way it was (is?) done. Just look at how many have been caught over the years. Just look at the amazing speeds going up those insane mountains.

This has nothing to do with the organization called Livestrong. I support this amazing cause and I hope cancer can be cured or controlled with their efforts. Yet, I do not wear my Livestrong bracelet any longer.

I still love cycling and will continue to follow it. I am just disappointed in Lance. Actually, I am disappointed in myself for being so gullible.