I have never been a fan of Apple. To be honest, before the latest craze of the ipod, iphone and ipad, I just thought Macs were overpriced fancy dumb computers. I mean, what can a $2,500 computer do that a $700 Dell cannot do?

Craze? Yes, that is what I initially thought. Over the last few years though, I have realized that these products are amazing, super user friendly and super cool. Just think about the feature of moving icons on the screen with your fingers. How does it do that?!? Before this was invented, why would I even want that feature? Crazy!

Onto the book. Excellent book. It was written very well and was a thorough summary of his life. I knew practically nothing about Jobs other than he was the CEO and was the inventor extraordinaire of all these innovative, über cool products. If you have any curiosity of the history of these products, about Apple and about what drove Jobs, read this book. Incidentally, Jobs was not the sole contributor and inventor of these products. Like every successful company, team, or group, there are many factors involved, and Apple is the same way. He did drive his people and steer the company in a direction to make it successful. He knew what the public wanted before the public even knew what they wanted. I wish I had such charisma and passion.

Things I have taken out of this book:-
– Jobs was a super emotional person.
– Jobs never used deodorant. His extreme eating habits are eye opening.
– I learned why he chose the name Apple.
– Jobs was also super hard on his people. A teams take A players – not B players. (I do not like the way he treated people though)
– There was a computer named the Lisa.
– I never even knew of the NeXT Computer Company. (I had a Tandy)
– I never knew he ran and made Pixar what it is today.
– His “reality distortion field” made me laugh.
– I learned what gorilla glass is. (and actually got pissed that Google’s Nexus phone uses it and is noted on an ad. Maybe Corning has a deal with them; I do not know)
– The calculator on all Apple products has been the same design and colour scheme since the 80s.
– He had a liver transplant and nearly died because of the wait for the organ.
– Jobs’ life long rivalry with Bill Gates.
– The way his cancer’s cells were gene sequenced and the drug therapy was targeted and engineered to attack it. Sadly, it mutated too rapidly.

I know that the world lost a great mind and a great inspirer. I do know that Apple will continue to pump out amazing products.

I am now a huge fan of Apple.