So, I decided to write about this subject because of my latest trip the local Booster Juice.

Line Cutters.  Can you not see the line of people?  Can you not walk around?  And if you do cut through the line, is it hard to say ‘excuse me’, or ‘do you mind if I cut through?’ 

Cellphone use in public.  Is it getting out of hand?  A lady in front of me seemed quiet and polite.  A few people cut through the line – which is rude in itself, see above – and she was okay with it.  A minute later, she is on her phone.  Blabbing about something.  Loud and annoying.  No wonder she was okay with it.

To tip or not to tip.  Same lady, same line.  “I don’t want to tip.  How do I enter this?”  Speaking rudely to the clerk about the Interac pad.  Ok, you don’t want to tip, fine.  Yelling it out so everyone can here is embarrassing.  They are busy, working hard back there for mediocre pay.  The least you could do it drop a loonie into the jar, or shut the hell up. 

 I left there thinking about the numerous times in a day manners are thrown out the window.  Here are a few to think about ….

– leaving your wrappers from your fast food on the table.  That is not fine dining.  There are garbage bins by the door on purpose.  Pick up your tray, put your garbage on it and put it in the bin!

– holding a door open.  Not just for that hottie in the short skirt, but maybe for who ever is close to you that will need to come through the door.  It takes 4 seconds max.  Think about it.

– littering at the movie theatre or the sporting event.  Do you leave your popcorn container, beer cup or napkin on the floor in your house?  I can excuse the occasional stray kernel of popcorn – but come on people.  Pick up your trash and put it in the refuse container.  Think about the people working in the theatre cleaning up after you. 

– filling up with gas while there is a line up.  This is a grey subject.  After filling up, do you drive up ahead or in the parking stall?  The person behind you will appreciate it, but will the clerk who might think you aren’t going to pay.  Maybe the easiest thing is to pay at the pump, and drive into a stall if you need to get a coffee or some jerky.


Is it just me who wonders where manners went?  Just don’t get me started on manners while driving.