The typical brands around here are ‘Spitz’, ‘Old Dutch’, and possibly ‘Davids’ (if you can find some).  They are very delicious and eating them makes you want to eat more.  For me, and especially when playing ball or golfing, I tend to jam a few handfuls in my mouth and spit away.  However, due to the salt coating on the shells, this tends to make the inside of my cheeks slightly raw and sore.

Last week, I was playing ball and a teammate put down this brown paper bag of seeds.  We laughed.  We made fun.  We joked.  They are ChaCheer Sunflower Seeds from China.  The sunflower seeds are plump and picked from the Inner Mongolian Green Farm.  The flavours are steamed and roasted into the seed. 

The flavour I tried was coconut.  This may seem strange – as they smelled like a topicana sunscreen covered model.  We laughed once again.  Inning 2 comes around and I decide to try them.  Mmmm tasty.  Ok.  The seed is a weird elongated shape.  Another handful.  Oh man, these are actually quite good.  Another handful…..  another….. another…..  WHERE DID YOU GET THESE?!?  The answer to this will come at the bottom.

From their website, other flavours are Mint, Mixed, and Original.  Mint?!?  I bet they will be awesome.  Updates to come as I will be getting some this weekend to do a full product review.

And the place to get these?   T & T Supermarket on 97th or in W.E.M. 





So, a quick update.  I purchased a few bags on the weekend – Spiced, Original and Coconut.  T&T did not have the Mint.  Spiced is very good.  Original barely had any flavour, so that is the first and last bag I buy.  #1 is still coconut, followed closely by Spiced.  Have you tried them yet?