You want something tasty for lunch – try the Stouffer’s Paninis

I have been having these for some time, but I am sure that a few of you have never tried them, let alone heard of them. 

I love sandwiches.  But I love them even more when they are toasted.  A nice toaster oven is an underutilized appliance.  So, for those of you craving a toasted sandwich and if you do not have a toaster over, try a Stouffer’s panini.  You heat them in the microwave and they get toasted inside the microwave.  NO, you say?  Well, let me tell you, YES. 

I, too, was skeptical.  So, I bought some.  It comes packaged in a normal frozen dinner sized box and can be purchased at any store that sells groceries and is located in the freezer section.  The box is part of the toasting process – so be careful when opening the package.  Actually, read the back of the box for the instructions on heating and setting up of the box. 

When you open the box, you see the sandwich is in a plastic bowl-shaped wrap.  Carefully, pry the top sheet off.  You then see the sandwich on a circular disc – which is one of the main factors in causing the toasting action.  You take the sandwich – which is two half sandwiches, side-by-side – and align it as the top of the disc states.  You, now take the box, and fold it as per the instructions creating a heat pocket for the disc to toast the bread.  Carefully, put the sandwich, which is on the disc, on the box and place it in the microwave. 

Timing is important.  With my microwave, I have experimented and like the bread slightly toastier than normal.  I set it to 3min10s.  The box says 2min30s to 3min30s.  Experiment and find your perfect lunch experience.

Once the microwave is finished its cycle, carefully remove the box-sandwich combo – as it is very hot.  Slide the sandwich onto a plate and discard the paper disc and box into the appropriate recycling bin.  Wait 1 minute, then press the halves together.  Wait another minute or two and enjoy.  You will not regret it.