Approaching a stale green light can be frustrating.  Everyone is in such a rush these days.  A few simple tips to watch out for when approaching a light is the following:

–          If it is green, by looking ahead of you, you can see whether or not the light will be changing soon.  If the crosswalk white person is lit, you still have time to make it through the intersection

–          If it is green and the orange crosswalk hand is blinking, that means the light is about to change.  Just recently a lot of the lights have been converted and have a countdown timer, which is very convenient and you know when exactly the light will change.

–          If the light is red, you can (more often than not), see the opposite crosswalk lights.  As mentioned above, if the crosswalk lights indicate a white person, the light will remain red for you for a few more seconds (or will be changing soon if the orange hand is blinking). 

–          As for timing, when the hand that is blinking stops, that means the light has changed from green to amber.  That means it will take 3 to 4 seconds for your light to turn green.  To be safe, wait an addition 1 to 2 seconds to accelerate away from the line.

–          If you are sitting at a red light which is designated as a crosswalk/pedestrian crossing, you will know when the light will be turning by watching the blinking orange hand – when it stays on, the light will turn green in 3 to 4 seconds.